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By using this webpage and its content you accept the following privacy policy. I know it'll be a long and probably boring read, but I advise you to read this policy to know what your information is used for.

1: Collection of personal information

I do not actively share or store personal information, I wouldn't even know how to do that or what to do with that information in the first place. The only personal information that I do collect are email addresses that I use to update people on new content.

1.2: Mailing list

To be able to provide you with updates on new content I collect email addresses that will be held in a mailing list. These email addresses are collected for the sole purpose of informing you on new updates and will never be shared with any third party or individual person. I will deny all requests for the sharing of personal information from this list.
To collect email addresses I use MailChimp marketing automation software. For further information I refer to their Privacy Policy.

2: Cookies

Third parties (such as advertisers) may use cookies to serve ads based on your visits to this website. In addition, services such as Google Analytics and Blogger Stats may use cookies when collecting data on visits to this site and visitor preferences. I use such services to get an insight into user preferences and to improve user experience.
You can turn off the use of cookies at any time by modifying the settings of your internet browser. 

3: Advertising

Keeping this blog online costs money. To provide for this, I may allow third party ads or affiliate links on this blog. I am in no way responsible for the ads shown to you as I often only appoint the locations where ads may show.
If an advertisement from my blog refers to a page that is not to be trusted, insulting or annoying, let me know and I'll see what I can do about it.

3.1: Affiliate links

Affiliate links lead you to third party vendor (e.g. Amazon) webpages that will either advertise a service, product or product group/category. If you decide to buy a service or product from a webpage that you reached via one of the affiliate links provided by me, I will receive a small percentage of the price that has been agreed by you and the vendor.
By clicking affiliate links you'll leave my blog, and with that you'll leave my responsibility. I am in no way responsible for the content of the pages that I do not control or the deals made between you and the third party vendor.
Affiliate links may be both in-text links and banner links. When clicking a banner, I assume that you know you're clicking an ad. As in-text affiliate links are more difficult to distinguish from normal non-affilate links, I try to make sure that all in-text affiliate links are recognizable as being affiliate links by adding a '*' referring to an explanation about affiliate links on the bottom of the page.

Amazon Affiliate program
My current affiliate links link to pages from the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. They ask me to clearly state the following: I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

Pay-per-click links
This blog may also contain pay-per-click links, meaning that I am payed a small amount every time a banner on my blog is clicked by a reader. 

4: Links to other pages

This blog may contain links to other webpages, both internal as external. Such links may refer to external pages that are not controlled or owned by me. Therefore, I am in no way responsible for the content of these pages. I do my best to only refer to trusted pages, though I also ask you to use your common sense when browsing external pages and to not proceed when you doubt the credibility of a page.
If a link from my blog refers to a page that is not to be trusted, insulting or annoying, let me know and I'll see what I can do about it.

5: Responsibility

Though I often applaud sharing content from this blog to share my posts with a wider audience, I am in no way responsible for the use and republishing of any of the content of this blog without my permission. In addition, I am in no way responsible for the deals made between you and any of the third-party advertisers on my blog.

6: Changes to this privacy policy

I reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any moment without notice.

You did it! You read the privacy policy, one of the most boring parts of any website. Or you just scrolled through, in which case I recommend you to scroll back and read it. If you're finished, I invite you to check out some of the less boring content on this blog.

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