5 travel websites that pay real money for your travel writing

Get paid for your travel writing, websites that pay for your travel writing
So, you're thinking of writing a guest post? Whether you have a story that does not necessarily need to be on your own blog, you want some more traffic flowing to your own blog, or you just want a backlink. Whatever the reasons, guest blogging can help you with that. But you probably already knew that, because that's why you are here.

What if I told you you can also write a guest post to earn some money (ka-ching). Not the small amounts that you earn from visitors clicking your ads, but for the writing of a single post. In addition, these websites can provide new traffic streams and backlinking possibilities as well. It really is possible, and I will tell you where.

Just to set one thing straight, I won't be the one paying you. I'm sorry, I just can't do that yet. Despite, I do accept free guest post, check out this page for more information about how to submit a guest post to All around the Earth (some self advertising can't hurt, right?).

No, the ones paying will be other websites. Finding those websites that do can be a pain in the a**, that's why I did it for you. In this post, I composed a list of 5 of these paying websites (paying up to $100 dollar per post) and I added some extra useful information to help you pick the right one. Grab a coffee, sit down, take a deep breath, and start writing!

I have not written for all of these websites, so I won't be able to tell you about my experience. If you do have experience with one of them, let me know in the comments section and I'd be happy to quote you in the post.

Verge Magazine

Verge Magazine is a well known resource for content on volunteering, working abroad and studying abroad. However, it covers many more subjects, from social and political to environmental issues. They describe themselves as a magazine for people who travel with a purpose, so your '10 things to do this springbreak' may not be the best post to submit to Verge Magazine.

Requirements: Timely and socially relevant articles that inform and motivate the reader. Verge is looking for articles that are ' that are issue-driven and combine an engaging and well-told story with nuts-and-bolts how-to information'. Approximately 800 words in length, though featured posts may be in-between 2000 and 2500 words.

How to apply: Apply via mail to the address found in the guidelines.

Payment: $0,10 per word (CAD).

Review: Do you have any experience with writing for Verge Magazine? Let me know and help me update this review section.

Go World Travel

Go World Travel accepts submissions from both seasoned journalists and first time writers. They are looking for 'honest, down-to-earth descriptive writing', so no badly written lists about things to do in a place you've never been. 

Requirements: Up to 1,600 words, written in first person but still professional.

How to apply: Send your submission including an author bio and an 'if you go' section containing practical information to the address mentioned in the guidelines.

Payment: $30 to $40

Review: Do you have any experience with writing for Go World Travel? Let me know and help me update this review section.

The Expeditioner

According to The Expeditioner, they feature articles of 'some of the best travel writers in the world'. Don't let that spook you though, as I could not find any requirement of proving that you have to prove that you are one of the best before you submit anything. If you are the best, and you know it (I believe you are), just prove it in a great submission.

Requirements: Your submission must be interesting, informative and inspiring for future travellers. First person narrative and at least 1200 words. Proofread before submission and formatted in American English (not UK English). 

How to apply: Apply via mail to the address found in the guidelines.

Payment: $30

Further gain: Author bio at the bottom of the post with a relevant link to your blog.

Review: Do you have any experience with writing for The Expeditioner? Let me know and help me update this review section. 

Tales to Go

Tales to Go publishes 'personal, nonfiction stories and anecdotes—funny, illuminating, adventurous, frightening, or grim'. That being said, this might be the perfect place to write about you weirdest travel experiences. Give it a try! Previously published stories are welcome too!

Requirements: Length of post can be whatever you want, though they recommend 1,000 to 3,000 for the best chance of being accepted. They also request a quirky/funny author bio, be creative!

How to apply: Submit your story and fill in all required fields at their story submissions page.

Payment: $50

Review: Do you have any experience with writing for Tales to Go? Let me know and help me update this review section.


100 bucks sounds tempting right? Listverse is the best paying website I have found so far (except for some looking for professional journalists). Before jumping on it and submitting all of the guest posts you have had ready for a while, you must know that Listverse only accepts list posts (hence the name). Listverse accepts a wide range of subjects, not just travel related. So, maybe that old document with a list of 10 guinea pig friendly hotels that you did not dare post on your own blog may come in handy after all.

Requirements: Lists should at least be 10 items long, and every item must be at least one or two paragraphs long. Quality of the written English should be similar to that of a native English speaker.

How to apply: Submit your list directly via the form on this page.

Payment: $100

Further gain: 1 link to either your blog or social media account at the bottom of the list.

Review: Do you have any experience with writing for Listverse? Let me know and help me update this review section.

So, did you find a place to publish your story? Let me know in the comments section, I'd like to read it! Also, don't forget to let me know about your experience with the website! If you're still not sure where to post it, you can always consider All around the Earth, I'm always looking for great content! I can't pay you though, sorry.

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Travel websites that pay money for your travel writing

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