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We all know that feeling; you got your travel blog, cool. You wrote some posts, cool. But now your readers are expecting the next post, soon, but you have no idea what to write about this time...

What should I write about? is a question every blogger asks him/herself every once in a while. Because I asked myself this question several times, I made a habit of writing down every blog post idea I ever had. Still, with a long list of possibilities (including quite a few terrible ones), I still get stuck every once in a while, and that's perfectly fine.

Sometimes, you are just stuck. For those who ever had to write a thesis, it is probably a very recognizable situation. To me, as a biologist and a blogger, writing reports and articles for a living and writing blog posts for fun, it happens often. What should I write about this time? Where do I go from here? Which topics are 'hot' in my niche at the moment? Why can't I think of something great?

I'm here to help you! First, a few words of encouragement: Hang on, you'll get out of this, I know it. I believe in you. I believe you can write something valuable, something interesting, something that will capture your readers, something that will make them beg for more. However, not now, not as long as you're stuck... So let's do something about that first!

Maybe because it wouldn't feel good to keep such a resource to myself, or maybe because I was just stuck and didn't know what to write about this time, I decided to share some of my blog post ideas. Below, I have listed 101 travel blog post ideas, grouped into 10 main categories. Why 101? Because 100 is so standard, and because 101 makes you wonder why I listed 101 instead of 100, increasing the likelihood that you will click this link. Did it work?

Does this mean you have to stick to these 101 ideas? Not at all! They are all just examples, feel free to alter them in any way to better fit your blog's audience or style. I have written some words in italic to further indicate where you can alter the idea to make it fit your blog, and I have included some links to great and inspirational posts about some subjects to provide you with examples. Don't just copy them though, make it something original!

10 'How to' travel blog post ideas

How to's are great! These days, you can find how to posts about anything. How many how to posts have you consulted in your life? Quite a few I guess. I know for a fact that I must have consulted hundreds of how to's about many different subjects, from Guinea pig care to coding for my blog. In a way, this post is a how to as well.

People ask Google (or other search engines) about anything. How to questions are probably one of the most asked, and by picking the right question to write about, you can cash in on all of this traffic. You help them out with their question, they help you out with traffic. Win-win. Make sure to do your research and find out which topics are hot in your niche.

  • How to pack for a 3-day solo hike in the mountains?
  • How to find a local to show you around Amsterdam?
  • How to prepare for solo travelling?
  • How to make money travelling?
  • How to save money for travelling?
  • How to make friends while travelling?

10 'Where to' travel blog post ideas

Where to go is a question that is frequently asked by travellers. Remember that time you did not know where to go during the christmas holiday? Or that other time you didn't know which places to visit during your citytrip to Amsterdam? The internet was probably your go-to guy, helping you pick out what you believed to be the best places for you to visit.

  • Where to hike in Europe in September?
  • Where to travel in 2037?
  • Where to go for spring break?
  • Where to find the cheapest safari tour operators in Namibia?
  • Which are the best alternatives to New Zealand's great walks?
  • Where to experience the real Africa unspoiled by tourism?
  • Which are the best places to see kangaroos in Australia?
  • Where to find the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam?
  • Where to take the best photos of the northern light?
  • Where to go for a quiet and romantic honeymoon?

10 'What to' travel blog post ideas

What to's work the same as how to's and why to's, so I won't bother you with another description. What to's are again a great way of helping people out with their questions and (if done well) can generate a large amount of traffic to your site.

  • What to do in Amsterdam? 5 hidden gems of the capital of the Netherlands.
  • What to eat tonight? An easy to carry 7 day hiking menu.
  • What to pack for hiking? A packing checklist by a full-time traveller.
  • What to leave at home? 5 things that will be no more than dead weight while travelling.
  • What to do when you have to wait 8 hour in-between flights?
  • What to give a traveller for Valentines' day?
  • What to do when your hostel roommates are noisy and you want to sleep?
  • What to wear while on Safari? Please no khaki, khaki is for safari guides only!
  • What to do when the airliner has lost your bag?
  • What to do when you are sick while travelling?

10 'Why to' travel blog post ideas

Why to posts are a little different than the three types of question posts above. Why to's are not necessarily meant to help out people, but to inspire. I don't recall ever typing in a question like 'Why should I hike in Norway in October?' or something similar in Google. However, a post with a title like 'Why you should hike Norway in October, 5 natural phenomenons you must have seen once!' might spark my interest when I see a link to it.

  • Why you should hike in Norway in October, 5 natural phenomenons you must have seen once!
  • Why I fell in love with Amsterdam.
  • Why you should avoid Venice's sweaty and sunblock smelling streets in 2023.
  • Why flying Air Maroc is the best!
  • Why you should ditch the headphones if you want to make friends in a hostel.
  • Why your travel photos are boring your grandmother. How to take better photos!
  • Why you should start a travel blog.
  • Why did the travel blogger cross the Sahara?

10 List post ideas

People are lazy, they don't want to read through an entire post looking for the information they need in long texts. Lists are a way to help your impatient reader out, as lists allow them to better scan the post looking for the thing they were actually looking for. 

Just like you, you probably don't read this entire article, you probably don't even read this short paragraph, you'll just scroll through this post to find a blog post idea that makes you think 'that might work for me'.

  • 101 travel blog post ideas.
  • 5 reasons to visit Botswana.
  • 13 reasons why I will never visit Botswana again.
  • 10 of the least visited countries on earth.
  • Top 10 budget backpacker destinations of 2063.
  • Top 5 inspiring travel bloggers of 1973.
  • 7 tips to take the best travel photos that will not bore your grandmother
  • 397 lessons learned from solo travelling the world.

10 Travel blog post ideas that are great for affiliate linking

All full time bloggers have ways of monetizing their blog to make their living. Affiliate linking is one way to do so. Not sure what affiliate linking is? Affiliate linking is a way of advertising in which an affiliate (the blogger) recommends products or services. When the reader decides to buy the recommended product, the affiliate gets a small share of the company's profit for referring a customer to them. Check out this post about affiliate marketing by Neil Patel for a very detailed explanation of affiliate marketing.

  • 10 great Christmas present for travellers.
  • What to pack for a 13 hour flight.
  • What to wear while hiking the Appalacian trail.
  • Budget hiking pants: the good, the bad and the ugly.
  • Best hotels around Central Park in New York, a review.
  • Where to stay in California for budget travellers.
  • How to protect yourself from mosquitoes while camping?
  • Product reviews!

10 Reviews

What do you do when you plan on buying a new product or using a new service. Indeed, you look for reviews. Others must have tried it before, so they know more about using it than you. If I can't find a review about an expensive product I'm thinking of buying, 9 out of 10 times I won't buy it. 

You can help out others as well by writing reviews about products you use. In addition, reviews are a great way to lure those others looking for a review to your website. Win-win. Keep it honest though, there are enough dishonest sponsored review posts out there as it is! Remember: honest negative reviews are just as valuable as honest positive reviews.

  • Review: Nikon D3300, taking the best travel photos ever!
  • Waterproof really means waterproof with my new raincoat!
  • Review: All you need to know before flying with Air Kenya.
  • Review: Not so storm proof Noname tent.
  • Ten of the best travel blogs, get your dose of wanderlust now!
  • Review of Aunt Judy's backpackers in Sidney, I never want to leave this place!
  • Review of Hostel Noname in New York, just mêh.
  • Looking for a place to share your bed with a cute family of rats, the Noname Hotel in Amsterdam might be the place for you!
  • Review of the Noname Backpack, makes hiking feel like a hernia.

10 Personal travel blog post ideas

Don't forget the personal stuff! You are the blogger here, and as most bloggers out there, you started blogging to tell a story. So while lists and how to's are great, you can't really tell all of your stories in them, and stories are something that will always appeal to people. In addition, who would like to follow a blog that only publishes reviews, how to's and affiliate linking posts?

Personally, I don't have to read an in-detail account of that one time you got food poisoning in Bali (except maybe when it includes depositing some things over the edge of a balcony, which is gross but may make for a great story). That's too personal, but I would love to read about your Bali trip, what you did there, the great people you met, the nice places you went, the lessons you learned and the great experience that it was. Don't make it a travel diary that only your mother reads, make sure it brings value to readers worldwide.

  • Weird things I do while travelling to save money.
  • How travelling helped me become a more self conscious person.
  • Crossing the Hymalaya on foot.
  • 20 days of rain in the Amazon.
  • How solo-travelling for a year changed my view of the world.
  • How to deal with a hangry hiking buddy.
  • London to Cape Town with a Volkswagen van, the adventure of a lifetime.
  • 5 of the weirdest hostel experiences I ever had.

10 Budget travel blog post ideas

Who doesn't love budgetting tips? Travel is an expensive hobby, and even when you make it your living, it still costs a lot. I feel comfortable to say that we all try to find the most economical ways to travel, whether it is looking for cheap flights, free hostel stays or discounts for activities. Your experiences while looking for the most economical friendly way of travelling may help others minimize the cost of their travels too. Don't keep them for yourself!

  • Where to find the cheapest flights?
  • How to save money while travelling the USA?
  • 25 free things to do in Reykjavik.
  • Best budget outdoor gear and where to get it.
  • Best budget destinations of 2042.
  • Where to find free hiking maps?
  • Try these 5 budget travel hacks if you want to get further with less.
  • Cheap and easy but healthy backpacker meals.
  • Full-time travellers share their favourite budget travel hacks.

11 Short and easy but valuable travel blog post ideas

Not all good posts have to be long. I must admit that long posts are often of better quality as they can look into the subject more in-depth. However, some short posts can be valuable as well.

This said, don't try to fill your blog with only short posts only. You've probably heard it before: Quality over Quantity. But if you have a busy week, can only find a few hours to write a new post and you don't want to skip a week, try one of these ideas.

  • My best/worst travel experience.
  • My first time solo-travelling.
  • Backpacker's recipe of the month: Spaghetti and basilicum.
  • Packing checklist for a carry-on city trip to Paris.
  • My favourite roadtrip music playlist.
  • My favourite travel movies.
  • What travel bloggers have to say about their life on the road.
  • Short review: 2 nights in Hostel des Amis in Paris.
  • What I do when I am homesick.
  • Nothing.

Wauw, that number 101 was an anticlimax, right? I'm sorry about that. I just wanted to stress that writing nothing is okay as well. Remember, Quality over Quantity! If you don't feel like writing but pressure yourself to do so because you feel like you have to, your writing will suck! Take some time off, do something fun, read a book, and the inspiration will return!
So, what do you think? Time to write a new post? I believe you can do it!

Don't forget to make sure that your next post perfectly fits the audience of your blog. Don't just copy '25 free things to do in Reykjavik' if your blog is called ''. Instead, turn it into '25 free things to do in Havana' and write a great post about Havana.

Did you find something useful in this post? Let me know in the comment section! I might add a link to your post as inspiration to future readers. Feel free to share this post with your fellow travel bloggers using one of the social media buttons below, or pin one of the images below to Pinterest for future times where you feel stuck.

* This post may contain affiliate links in the text. This means that when you click these links and buy something, I will receive a little percentage for referring a customer to their store. I make sure that all links I place are trustworthy and only refer to real and trusted websites. Don't feel forced to buy something, but if you plan on buying, make sure to do it via one of my links to help me keep this blog up and running. Check my privacy policy for more information.

What to write about? 101 travel blog post ideas for bloggers with a writer's blockWhat to write about? 101 travel blog post ideas for bloggers with a writer's block

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