Who am I? And why did I start this blog?

That's me, taking a picture of an Alpine lake in the French Pyrenees.


My name is Menno, welcome to my blog. Lets share some personal information first, that is what you are looking for in this post right? No? Next paragraph! As I said, my name is Menno. It's a Dutch name, for the pronunciation I refer to Google Translate (tap the loudspeaker icon). I am currently 24 years old and was born and raised in the Netherlands. I started travelling when I was 18 years old, fresh out of highschool and not sure what to do with my life. So, a friend and I decided to go to New Zealand, buy a car and travel around for five months. After five months, two broken cars and a month of hitchhiking, I had a new hobby.

In this blog, I will write about two main subjects: travel and my profession. Sounds boring right, ‘profession’. In my case, it isn’t. I recently graduated as an applied biologist. ‘A what?’. An applied biologist. You can see it as a normal biologist with more fieldwork. My focus lies on African wildlife, which makes that I can visit some of the most remote places in Africa studying some of the most amazing wildlife on earth. Do you see the link with travel? In-between jobs, I plan to continue travelling, visiting more amazing places (not necessarily in Africa). Hopefully, I can travel and work my way all around the Earth (hence the blog title) Still think its boring? Naaaah, that's what I thought. If you do, this may not be the blog for you to follow.

I plan to use this blog to keep people updated on my whereabouts when traveling/working my way around the world. Not just my family and friends, but everyone that happens to stumble across it. Here, I will share some of my best experiences, places, encounters, hikes, gear, and much more. So: no all-arranged bus trips with a tour guide and luxury resorts, but hitch-hiking alone and sleeping in the forest; no food-blogs on the cuisine of expensive restaurants, but a guide on how to eat healthy and inexpensive while on the road: and most definitely no pictures of me with 'cute' little animals with pulled teeth and cut wings, but encounters with amazing animals in the wild (where they belong).

At the moment, I'm still at home in the Netherlands to finish some previous projects. A great opportunity to set up this blog and fill it with past experiences. Let's see what this blog will evolve into.



  1. All the best with your travels, Menno. Looking forward to reading about your adventures.

    1. Thanks! I look forward to the next one as well, hope that I can keep you updated along the way.


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